Welcome to Veer & Vlam,

where I guide you with the gentle power of the feather and the passionate energy of fire to find deeper connection, with yourself, others, and the world around us.

With vibrant enthusiasm, I offer guidance on an individual basis, with your partner(s), family, or in group settings.

My backpack is filled with experience in bodywork, massage, creative therapy, coaching, permaculture, tantra, and more.

For me, Veer & Vlam is about the "both-and" story, where apparent contradictions can merge to create a harmonious balance. Where softness and strength are welcomed. It's about standing still and moving forward. Following and leading. The sun and the moon. It's about finding depth in lightness and adding levity to depth. It's about bringing tenderness and wild passion together, creating a unique space for joy, transformation, and growth.

Experience, humor, positivity, authenticity, self-reflection, intuition, playfulness, lots of love, and customized guidance are the core values I cherish.

You'll find my fire, my roots, what warms and touches me, all in this inspiration tree or take a look at my journey of education.

As a guide, my work is deeply rooted in my own life experiences.

I've had many wonderful, beautiful experiences and also endured some challenging situations.

The warm nest I grew up in provided a solid foundation that helps me face challenges on my path. The unexpected loss of my brother as a teenager invited me to deepen my understanding on one hand and to gratefully enjoy life on the other. I experienced the power of love in many forms, within and beyond boundaries. Moving alone to the other side of the world to live and work there has taught me so much about diversity and the role of being an outsider. I enjoyed and grew in a particularly loving relationship with Martin, who inspired me every day despite the daily struggles with the wheelchair. After his death, shortly following the miscarriage of our child, I discovered the wonderful world of tantra. It supported me to be with what is. With the great pain and deep gratitude for what was. Health challenges offered me the opportunity to further grow in showing my vulnerability.

So in every situation, no matter how painful, there lies the opportunity for growth.

Each of these personal experiences has taught me lessons about resilience, compassion, and the value of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support. They shape my approach to guidance.

I look forward to embarking on a journey of discovery together with you.