De Groene Doening English version

                                                                                                           Dutch version

De Groene Doening is a cohousing community in Poesele, a tiny village near Ghent.

Our community is based around 10 enthusiastic people between 7 and 63 who have a passion for creating an environment where we take care of ourselves, the others and all that surrounds us. We get all excited about connection, DIY-ing, sustainability, permaculture, self-sufficiency, renewable energy, ethical banks, local and organic food, baking bread, composting toilet, … Being aware of our choices is important to us.

The domain is 5250 m² and consists of a main house, 2 smaller units, a workshop, barn, sheep stable, studio, an orchard, an amphibian pond and lots of room for gardening and creating a permaculture oasis. Our green paradise gives abundantly, all of which we process into delicious food. Preserving, air-drying, fermenting, we love to experiment!

In the main house there are around 5 people. They share a bathroom, kitchen, dining area, living room and basement. The smaller houses, where there’s space for a couple or small family, have their own facilities. Some spaces, like the workshop, are shared by everyone.

Once a month we roll up our sleeves alongside volunteers. On this workday we also organize a guided tour for potential cohousers.

Transport: Ghent is at 16 km. The train station of Hansbeke is at 5 km ( There is a busstop called ‘Beentjesstraat’ at 200m with a bus once every hour between 7 am and 7 pm on schooldays (

You can be part of the community, or stay as a guest. Either wise we expect you to cherish our values of sustainability and connection.


PS We have a facebookpage 'De Groene Doening' where you can follow us.